How To Make A Career in Big Data

This is the most challenging and most search question on the Internet in these days. As Big Data becomes the buzzword in the current 21st century. Everyone is looking forward to shifting toward Big Data but due to lack of guidelines, many of us are still searching for How To Make Career In Big Data and how to take small steps toward big data.

Today in this article we will focus on some points which will help you to decide “How to make a career in big data – taking small steps toward big data”. So let’s Start.

Decide what do you want to be

As Big Data comes with several different job roles such as Big Data Developer, Big Data Engineer, Big Data Architect, Big Data Administrator etc. So you have to decide first what do you want to be If you want to be Big Data Developer then you have to take a different path from Big Data Administrator and here many of us getting confused which deciding “How to make a career in big data?” , So better to think here and there first write down your goal and decide what do you want to be?

Decide your job role for future career growth

Once you will decide and note down which we discuss in the first point “Decide what do you want to be”, then you are quite sure about job sector and now you have to a little bit more polish your goal to make sure your future career path should be in right direction.  For Example:- Which think about “Decide your job role for future career grow”, If you decided “Want to be Big Data Engineer” then you have to decide you want to work on which big data tools such as Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL etc to be more specific as Hadoop Developer or Spark Developer etc. By this, you will able to set more authentic and straight career goal.

Check Job Searching Portal

Till now, I am pretty sure that you decided what you want to be? and what specific role you want to take? Now You have to take next step. Now you have to check Job or IT career related website such as Linkedin, Glassdoor, my other articles 🙂 [How can I forget my own articles where you can get more related information time to time.] etc.

Now I told “Check job Searching Portal” but what we have to check? that also a question.

The solution is below as an example:-

  1. On Linkedin:- You can search Related Job Profile requirement [For Getting information about trending Technologies which required to get the similar job], Contact Peoples and build your network [To get in contact with similarly related profile employees to get more related information and build own IT-related contacts.]
  2. On Glassdoor:- You can search Job details as well as company related information [To get about Company reviews as well as in-depth information about the company working environment, expected salary range etc.]
  3. My Articles:- You can ask me directly if you are still getting any confusion. Simply fill the form on Contact Me page and I will able to reply you.

Maybe you will think, why we need to follow above steps

After research, you will able to get correct learning path and you can able to focus on the more focused way and able to approach as soon as possible.

Here are some important questions on which we have to think about:

  • While applying for Big Data jobs, do we have correct and specific skills or not?
  • Are our all skill relevant to future career growth or not?
  • Are we need some certifications also, If yes then which certification we have to get must which can able to help us to to clarify our confusion which is “how to make a career in big data”.

Time to Take Action

  • Decide your Goal
  • Get relevant skill set and start to learn.
  • Follow the specific learning path. 
  • If required then take the certification.
  • Get in connection with other peoples
  • Create resume.
  • Apply for new jobs.
  • Get job.


Till now I hope, you got somehow clarification on “How to make a career in Big Data”. Let’s explore and feel free to comment here or contact me in case of any further information required.




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