Install Kibana on windows 10 – In easy and simple steps

In this article, we will discuss install Kibana on windows 10 in easy steps. This is the 2nd article in Kibana series in which we will discuss kibana installation process in windows 10 in simple and easy steps.

 Steps for Installation

  1. Download Kibana zip file: For Windows 10 platform, we need to download zip folder. You can download zip folder directly from here.
    Note:- After Kibana 6.0.0 onward, Kibana supports only for 64-bit architecture.
  2. Extract downloaded Zip file: After unzip, you will get “kibana-6.3.0-windows-x86_64” kind of named folder.
  3. Rename “kibana-6.3.0-windows-x86_64” folder to “kibana”
    Note:- This is not a necessary step, just for easy to use purpose, you can do it.

Run Kibana after Installation

After easy installation, you can run kibana by simple command line interface.

For running, open the command terminal and route to “kibana” folder and run below command as


This command will launch you kibana instance in foreground mode.
Note:- If you want to stop Kibana instance, then simple press ctrl button with c and instance will stop immediately.

Information about kibana directory layout

Kibana zip self-contained few folders out of which we will discuss few important ones.

  1. home: This is kibana home directory.
  2. bin: All binary scripts including kibana.bat which need to run your kibana instance also reside inside bin folder as well as kibana-plugin which used to install a plugin for kibana.
  3. config: All Kibana related configuration file which used for tuning and managing kibana resides inside config folder such as kibana.yaml
  4. data: This folder used for data file which written to disk by kibana instance and it’s plugins.
  5. plugins: Once you will install any plugin, it will create a subfolder inside this plugin folder.


In this article, you learn about install kibana on windows 10 in easy steps. In next article, we will discuss install kibana on ubuntu in easy steps. Till that keep learning and don’t forget to put comments below. 

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